Some Concerns About Online Home Work

An extensive research concerning online home work has been carried out, looking at the views of parents, teachers and students on online work with particular interest in online home work with concentration on its impact on student performance in school. Questionnaires and interviews were carried out on participants in the sample. The research showed that the online internet use has very positive effects on both the performance and the homework completion of students.

Online Home Work

In the questionnaire and interview, it was found that most students are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to do online work and some felt intimidated when first asked to complete a short survey or write an essay. The majority did not find online home work stressful, but some students did feel overwhelmed. Some students said that they had difficulty completing their tasks because they were not familiar with the site, while others said that they had difficulty in finding a reliable website.

Some parents also expressed their concerns about online home work with concentration on the possibility of child molestation as well as having an inappropriate sexual relationship. However, most parents stated that they would allow their children to complete some online home work under supervision.

One of the main reasons for giving this type of home work is the opportunity to keep an eye on what students are doing. This includes the use of social networking websites, which has the benefit of allowing the parent to keep an eye on what their child is doing and what they are not doing.

Although the online work was well received by many students, there were some who expressed serious reservations about its negative impact on academic performance. Some students believed that it was difficult to complete the task and that they were not able to concentrate on what they were doing. Many students also expressed their reservations about the amount of privacy and confidentiality, they were provided with when completing the online work.

There were some parents who expressed a concern that their child was being exploited by the online work. Many parents complained that they had never experienced the benefits of completing online work. Others felt that their child was not being well taken care of by the online work as a result of the amount of privacy and confidentiality it provides.

Parents have several options available to them to deal with the issue of online work. They can ask their local school district for permission to provide this type of work to their child in the school setting. Parents can also consider hiring a tutor, if they feel that the child is not ready to complete this type of work on their own.

Most of the concerns of parents were alleviated with the introduction of online home work as the main concern of the school system and the parents. Students were required to complete the online home work at school under supervision so that they did not have to worry about the project themselves. The school system also set up a website where parents could go to find out more about this type of home work and the pros and cons of online work.

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