What is Catering?


There are two basic forms of catering: on-site catering means food cooked and served at the same place to an individual or group of clients. On-site catering may include food from different kitchens, or it may be delivered to the exact location where the client will be dining. If you would like to offer off-site catering, then you would need to find a local catering company or restaurant that offers such services and then rent your restaurant space.



Another type of catering is called off-site catering, which means preparing the food in a different location, such as a kitchen or a restaurant. Food is prepared on-site and then brought to the client’s location. The cooking of the food may be done by the chef or by a catering service. When this type of catering is offered, it is usually at a cheaper rate than on-site catering because it usually takes longer to prepare and cook the food.

If you have a large number of guests or want to offer catering for corporate parties, then you may want to consider kitchen catering, which is basically a type of catering where you are renting space in a large restaurant or hotel and placing a buffet or restaurant style dining table in the kitchen. This type of catering can also offer catering for other types of events and functions such as a wedding reception. Another type of kitchen catering that can be considered is a private party catering. This type of catering can only be performed by a business owner that has their own restaurant, or if they already have a restaurant, then it would not be possible to do a private party catering.

You can offer catering services to a lot of different industries. It depends on your specific needs and budget, but if you are looking for catering services to cater for the entertainment industry, you can offer catering for entertainment events such as a corporate party, an anniversary party, wedding or other sort of special occasion. If you are interested in offering catering for corporate events such as conferences, trade shows, conferences, you may also want to consider catering for corporate catering such as a corporate Christmas party or a birthday party.

You may also want to consider catering for cooking competitions and cookery school classes. This way, you can save money on your food expenses since you would be providing all the food yourself, and you can even earn more if you win a prize.

Cooking competitions and cookery school classes can also be a good source of catering since you get to taste the food before you are actually able to cook it. It is a great way to practice and learn the different cooking techniques so that when you are in front of your clients you will know exactly how to serve them the right kind of food.

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