Wind Energy – Reduce the Carbon Footprints

Wind Energy - Reduce the Carbon Footprints

Since centuries much before fossil fuel made its debut, since 1AD (in china), people have been using wind power as a source of energy, wind turbines were cruder than those today and producing power to pump water for crops and also livestocks!

The Dutch were pioneers in harvesting wind energy. And even now, a visit to Amsterdam without visiting some windmills in the countryside is definitely unthinkable! Initially it was used by the Dutch to pump out excess water that flooded crops! Later on processing cocoa, spices and timber were its utilizations. Later with refinement the ‘wind turbine blades’ came as part of refinement. Initially the windmills were made of rather primitive technology and were of wooden nature, with more research and development, now has steel components and even some new generation technology like nano-technology participation and the ratio of its efficiency has increased dramatically.

The Spanish, USA, Dutch, Germany, Denmark and India are presently emerging as major players in harvesting wind energy. The American ‘multiblade turbine system’ was a pioneer in harvesting electrical power from wind energy! By year 2000, the global wind energy production was about 10 thousand megawatt of energy!

With the emphasis now on green energy systems and energy conservation and environment preservation. Green energy wind power has got a major role to play in the global energy production scenario.

Presently wind energy cost about 2-3 cents per kilowatt, compared to 4-6 cent for coal and 10-14 cents for nuclear energy for producing. Also fossil fuels produce co2 that is an environmental pollution and a strong reason for global warming, replacing fossil fuel consumption with alternative more efficient energy source like biomass fuel, solar power bio thermal power and WIND power, can drastically reduce co2 emissions and greenhouse effect.

Creating hybrid cars and renewable source of energy can be the only way out to reduce the carbon footprints that is soiling our habitat, and also causing numerous health problems, specially of the respiratory tract and cancers. Just as it is common knowledge that a diesel car is more fuel-efficient then a petrol powered vehicle, which may have more horsepower; convert kilowatts to horsepower replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy source like wind energy will be more desirable and also economical!

Green Jobs and Green investments are very much in line with efficient energy production and utilisation. America produces more then 3 billion kilowatt or wind power, which is equivalent to 6.4million barrels of oil! So for efficient energy production, and to safeguard the future of the planet, this renewable source of energy should be harvested and invested on more to harness its true potential. It has been estimated that even if 5% of American farmland was used for wind energy production, replacing fossil fuel, 10 million metric tonnes of co2 emission will be prevented! Thus reducing an enormous burden on the environment and somewhat reducing the carbon footprints.

Rather then inheriting the planet from our forefathers we are only acting as its caretaker for our children! If leaving carbon footprints is not to be our legacy, then some effort into alternative energy resource with Wind energy being a major area of focus should be priority.

Renewable energy production at optimum cost and widespread acceptance are the challenges facing todays alternate fuel investors and developers. Renewing or developing public preference on this type of energy is a challenge where media and also cost would be a deciding factor. However it is undoubtedly proven its credentials as a better alternative to the fossil fuel that we are all used to. Wind energy is a great avenue for developing renewable energy resources without polluting the environment. Already a lot of work has gone into this area of research and it is slowly finding its foothold in the public acceptance and its cost of utilization is becoming more affordable and hence a logical alternative to fossil fuels.

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